Mypremiercreditcard – My First PremierCreditCard Login

Mypremiercreditcard – To understand the offerings provided by Mypremiercreditcard, one needs to understand what a credit card is? In simple terms, a credit card loans you money. Your bank or card company issues you a credit card with a limit. There are norms attached to the card when you enroll for one. From paying annual fees to interests, there are numerous regulations that come with the card. Yes, there are advantages; exclusive offers on your card deals on shopping and travel and more. However, with all the money you spend comes to a due date. You have to return the money borrowed from the bank or the service provided before the due date else, interests are charged.

Although there are these limitations, one does not hesitate to issue a credit card. I mean who would not like prepaid credit money? Among the many companies that offer you credit card, First Premier Bank is one of them. The bank offers MyPremierCreditCard, with innovative and exciting offers it is slowly becoming a favorite among many individuals in the United States of America. MyPremierCreditCard offers deals with a wide array of brands, products, and services. The card provides 24 x 7 customer service for all your queries. Apart from savings, checking, loans, treasury and ATM vault services, the Bank provides a credit card that matches your needs.

Mypremiercreditcard – MyPremierCreditCard Login


To be a MyPremierCreditCard member and hold your first mypremiercard, you’ll have to get a login and get online access to all the offers and services of the card. Once you are logged in, you’ll be able to explore the following options

  • View Current balance
  • Pay Bills Online
  • View transaction
  • View the Statement Online
  • Check Available Credit

These and a lot more only on the MyPremierCreditCard website.

How to Login to MyPremierCreditCard

To log in to Mypremiercreditcard and get information about your account one has to create an account and enrol themselves on the Banks official site. As discussed, once you are logged into your account, you can use it for paying bills online and also access account information 24×7 365 days. Furthermore, let’s throw some light on the login process on the website.

MyPremierCreditCard Login

You have to have an online access account in order to successfully login to MypremierCreditCard customer login. Hence, once you have signed up for your online account you have to log in to your online access account from your First Premier Bank login and activate it. Here are the steps to do so:

Visit the website.

Don’t be mislead, the official website of MyPremierCreditcard is The homepage prompts you to put down your username and password. Enter the username and password provided by the card provider and click on “continue” and just like that you will have access to all the features.

How to make payment with MyPremiercreditCard?


For payments, you need to again visit the website, do your First Premier Credit card login. Follow the below steps for a detailed description.

  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Once you have logged In you’ll find numerous options on your profiles home page.

What you are looking for is an option called ‘Make a Payment’. Select the option. You’ll be asked if you want to make the entire payment or a minimum (compulsory) amount. Select either and make the payment. And that’s how you make the payments online.

Besides online, there are various other ways you can make payments. Specifically, Cheque payment, calls on 1-800-926-94-00 for MoneyGram locations to pay are among many other ways to make your credit card payments. With so many accounts and social media handles it would be safe to say that remembering all of them is a task. What if you forget your myfirstpremiercreditcard login password? With following steps you can recover or reset your password.

Step 1. Open MyPremierCreditCard Login Page.

Step 2. On the page, locate an option of Forgot Username/Password and click on that.

Step 3. It will direct you to a new page.

Step 4. There you will have to enter your account number and your Social Security Number.

Step 5. Followed by, select the option for Forgot Username or Forgot Password.

Step 6. After that, you have to follow the instruction displayed on the page to recover your password.

If you have any query, you can call on 1-800-987-5521 and the customer service representative will help you.

MyPremierCreditCard Mobile App


Nowadays banks have become accustomed to developing technologies. Apart from facilities like internet banking, virtual credit cards, credit cards etc. Users are also moving towards portable gadgets like smartphones and they want to access their bank account anytime anywhere. Hence, MyPremierCreditCard is available on a mobile app as well for both IOS and Android uses. The mobile app comes with numerous features as well.

Benefits of MyPremierCreditCard Mobile App

Portability is at the top. With the mobile app, the user can use it from anywhere. The app provides Payment options. You can pay your bills directly from the app. Services like e-statement and e-letters with the mobile app are free. Schedule your bill payments with the mobile app. Request for add-on cards, increase credit limits and more on the application. A  24*7 access to your account. All you need to do is install the application and login with your username and password.

How to Prevent Security Risks

As the frequency of individuals using mobile applications and net banking is increasing, the risk of using the virtual medium is spiking. The First Premier Bank takes a step further to save their customers from potential risks. However, users have to do their bit as well. If customer use application that compromises the security of their devices it becomes easier for hackers to hack into their account.

For instance, keylogger is an app that records every keystroke and it is easy for hackers to steal your banking details. If you are a fan of the online arena then you have to follow some important security steps to not fall a victim of it.

Do not make login of your bank account using public Wi-Fi.

If you somehow forget to log out of your virtual account, The banking apps log you out after 10 minutes. Now, this does not mean that you don’t log off your application or website after every use. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Do not share your banking details with anyone. The bank will never ask for your passwords.

Use a proper security solution in your smartphone and computer.

If you lose your phone, the first thing you do is call your bank and block your account immediately.

These are some basic tips to make sure your bank account is safe from malware and hackers.

More Details About First Premier bank

The First PREMIER Bank is based in South Dakota. Importantly, the organization provides financial services locally, regionally and on a national level. An excellent and growing banking community with over 1.5 Billion USD in assets, servicing and providing financial guidance to customers all over the United States. The headquarter is in Sioux, South Dakota. The First Premier Bank is the 13th largest issuer of MasterCard credit cards in the USA. The bank was founded by Mr. T. Denny Sanford in 1986. My Premier bank is one of the few banks that operates without any debt. Awarded with one of the healthiest banks in 2015 in the USA, My Premier Bank is trusted among numerous Americans.

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